Static Plan
26 Different Location IP
20GB Bandwidth Per Month
$4.99 Monthly
$12 Quarterly
$22 Semi-Annually
$40 Annually
Dedicated Plan
1 Dedicated IP (Private IP)
30GB Bandwidth Per Month
$10 Monthly
$25 Quarterly
$48 Semi-Annually
$82 Annually
Unlimited BW
26 Different Location IP
Unlimited Bandwidth (Download)
$12 Monthly
$35 Quarterly
$65 Semi-Annually
$110 Annually
Dynamic Plan
+50 USA & UK Location IP
20 GB Bandwidth Per Month
$6 Monthly
$15 Quarterly
$27 Semi-Annually
$50 Annually
Our VPN Start Price Only $3.5





Advantages of PerfectVPN Accounts

- Instant and high speed connection
- High quality and high speed accounts
- 20 GB Bandwidth included on Shared plans
- 30 GB Bandwidth included on Dedicated plans
- Unblock websites overseas
- Fast delivery and 24x7 technical supports
- Watch your favorite television while living in other countries, such as Hulu and BBC iPlayer
- Free trial account with the same speed
- Support PPTP , L2TP and SSTP
- Unblock VOIP applications


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